Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eternal Minded

Parallels between Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare

(Exploring the effect humans have on other humans, the effect that humans have on heavenly beings, and the effect that heavenly beings have on humans.)

Disclaimer: the following thoughts are musings, some are true - some are false. This is just a glimpse into my thought process - not theological absolutes. Read with caution, then ask the Great Divine what He thinks...

Are angels and demons real?

Is Satan really a fallen angel, a created heavenly being who was banned from the third heaven just like Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden?

Did the hierarchal structure of the angelic/demonic realms stay in place even after the fall?

Are new angels and demons still being created just like the temporary earth dwellers?

Why are we so vain and condescending regarding the demons? Is it our pride?

Do we really think we wouldn’t have made some of the very same decisions they did?

What if we began to understand who they really are and then started to act like we understand who we are? Would the heavens and earth be different?

I’m certainly not advocating joining them, only trying to understand how easy it must have been for them to get there – heck I blew it a few times today…probably make a few selfish, prideful decisions every day.

Aren’t we supposed to love the ones He puts in our midst even if they don’t know him? Isn’t this one of the ways He uses us to further his business? What does this mean in regards to angels and demons? Are we supposed to make a difference on the earth and in the heavens?

Can we interact with heavenly beings? or can they only act upon us?

This is changing my stance on warfare in the spirit realm. I want to be effective in the temporary realm as well as the eternal. The deeper part of this is understanding that eternity has already started and that our thoughts and actions interact with the eternal. Its not just how our actions change things in the temporary and thus the eternal, but that we could interact with the eternal and somehow the temporary is now different.

How do you love a demon?

How should we treat them?

Should we love them enough to understand that the Master’s heart aches to not have them with Him anymore?

Should we be condescending or kind?
Should we be hateful and vengeful or polite?
Do we believe the lies about them and the lies they tell or gently show them the truth?
Do we trust our Creator enough to believe the truth He tells us?
Do we knock em out of the park in one fell swoop or bump em a notch closer to truth when the timing is right?

What does kind/polite/truthful while watching for the right timing look like when dealing with demonic activity?

Can we apply the knowledge and understanding we have of prophetic evangelism and kindness outreach to spiritual warfare?

I know, so many questions - go ask Abba what He thinks....


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LL said...

"What if we began to understand who they really are and then started to act like we understand who we are? Would the heavens and earth be different?"

I am utterly convinced that if we knew who we really were and who He really is, nothing would ever be the same again...